How do I schedule an appointment?


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Do you accept health insurance?

Depending on their specific policy and plan, many patients can use physical therapy benefits for care. However, we are structured differently than most patients may be used to. In an effort to keep overall patient cost low, we charge much less per treatment visit than most traditional clinics ($49-$69 per follow up visit vs. $120+ per visit).  Not only that, pricing for services is clearly provided at the beginning of care. In other words, there is no surprise medical bill in the mail!

Payment for services is provided directly to Physio Performance at the time of care. Patients are given itemized receipts and instructions to submit to your insurance company. Reimbursement will vary, depending on individual insurance plans. In the long run, most patients up spending less with us than a traditional PT practice when you consider your deductible, co-pay, etc.

Beyond cost, the traditional insurance model does not allow providers to treat the way we feel is best for you or spend the time with you that you deserve. 

 This clinic structure allows us to spend attentive, 1-on-1 time with clients/patients and will lead to you feeling better faster.  While most PT clinics see you 3x a week with multiple patients at the same time, we usually see you 1-2x a week (or much less!) depending on severity of symptoms. This helps avoid unnecessary care and focuses our aim to be transparent, fair, and honest about the services patients need.

Do I have to have pain or an injury to receive physical therapy?

No.  Physical therapists are experts of the musculoskeletal system of the body.  We excel at identifying movement dysfunctions and imbalances that may be causing a current injury or can lead to future injury.  In addition to injury rehabilitation, we provide performance therapy using a combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises designed to optimize your body and enhance performance.

Do you have a physical location?

Yes! We are currently located at 725 St. Joseph Street in downtown Rapid City (next to US Bank).  However, winter 2017 we will be expanding into our new clinic and training space in the Gap at 405 Canal Street. 

Do I need to see a physician before I start physical therapy?

No. You are allowed to see a physical therapist without a referral from a doctor in South Dakota. Many times this saves time and money, and helps you feel better faster. We will recommend you see a physician at times as needed, and can often assist you in getting an appointment fast with a physician within our network.

What if I need help with a sport or activity that isn't listed as an available service?

That's OK! We have worked with individuals and athletes from a wide range of sports with a wider range of abilities. It doesn't matter if you are training for youth baseball, collegiate volleyball, or striving for the pros--we can apply our knowledge of the human body to elevate your performance or get you back to competition.