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Physio Performance provides sports and orthopedic physical therapy, injury prevention, and performance enhancement services to athletes of all ages and abilities. Our past clients have included youth, collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes both in the United States and internationally. We are proud to call the Black Hills of South Dakota home.


Physio Performance is a specialized physical therapy clinic, training facility, and sport-science center. We offer evidence-based treatment and training approaches for athletes and adults of all ages and abilities.

Based out of the newly renovated Landstrom's building in the Gap (Rapid City), we pride ourselves on customizing programs to each client and developing relationships through 1-on-1 therapy or training sessions. 



Physio Performance operates as a fee-for-service facility and lists all prices of treatment or services for one simple reason: people should not have to guess how much their healthcare and wellness services will cost. 

Our company is built on the principle that people deserve attention to detail in order to achieve their full physical potential. We employ highly skilled therapists and performance staff with extensive experience in orthopedics, sports medicine, and human performance.


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