Athlete Development Camps & Private Performance Training

Become a better athlete. Period.

Anyone can make somebody sweat. However, getting to the next level as an athlete will require attention to detail, persistence, and training smart. Our highly educated staff take pride in utilizing current scientific training principles in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and strength & conditioning. We utilize methods that have been trusted by our high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes. All performance specialists have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and possess certifications that can only be obtained by qualified individuals, not like some ‘over-night, online’ trainers.

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Individual Performance Training

Starting at $59/session.
$0 membership fee.

Our highest level of attention in developing an elite athlete. All athletes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and should be trained specific to their own body, goals, and sport demands. Above all else, we promise to make sure training is safe for athletes of all ages and abilities. 

Don't consider yourself an athlete, but want to train like one? Each training plan is customized to a client's goals, experiences, and love/hate relationships with certain exercises. We promise to make it an enjoyable journey.

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Want to rent our facility and a performance specialist to work exclusively with your local sports team? Have a facility and want us to come on-site? Contact us to discuss a variety of options.