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The Runner's Lab

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One of 7 clinics in North America to house MotionMetrix technology.

The Black Hills' most advanced clinic designed specifically for runners. We diagnose, treat, and prevent running injuries for people of all ages and abilities.

Most runners spend $120+ on running shoes in an effort to improve performance or get ahead of a nagging injury. While we all love a new pair of kicks, most of the time both injury and running performance has more to do with how someone is running.

Our expert team of professionals work one-on-one with you to develop an individualized program to help you reach your specific running goals. 

Your evaluation at the clinic will be conducted by a physical therapist with expert level training in running biomechanics and proper stride form. All evaluations begin by gathering information about your health and training history, including current/past athletic injuries. It's OK if you are just beginning to run!

The therapist will then perform a comprehensive physical examination to test for strength, flexibility, muscular imbalances and pain. We are one of a handful of clinics in the North America to utilize state-of-the-art MotionMetrix 3D analysis technology to provide an in-depth view of your stride mechanics.

In many cases, biomechanical deficiencies and improper form can be identified during the evaluation. Your therapist will then work with you to improve your running technique, provide recommendations to treat existing injuries, and prevention strategies to stop new ones from occurring.

Looking for a footwear recommendation? We are happy to provide our expert analysis alongside the most useful metric of all--comfort! Starting in Winter 2018-2019, both footwear and running gear will be sold at Physio Performance via our partner company, The Runner’s Lab. Stop on in to check out our ever-increasing selection!


Baseball Pitching Mechanics Analysis

As an overhead athlete, your shoulder deserves the utmost attention to detail. Proper throwing mechanics is critical to preventing injury and improving pitching performance. Having a physical therapist analyze your throwing motion can identify abnormal movement patterns that could increase your risk of injury. We utilize MOTUS biomechanical software to give you an accurate picture of pitching mechanics. This analysis is coupled with a complete orthopedic examination and customized exercise program to strengthen and protect your biggest asset as a baseball or softball player. 


Medical Bike Fitting

Whether you are a cyclist, mountain biker, or triathlete we are proud to offer professional, medical-grade custom bike fitting. Ensuring a proper fit can reduce common overuse injuries, improve biking performance, and make riding all the more enjoyable. Our therapist has taken specialized courses on cycling mechanics and alignment designed for medical providers. Each custom bike fitting is coupled with a full orthopedic examination along with individualized exercises to strengthen any weak links in your body.

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