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New in 2019. You asked. We delivered.

Memberships have arrived at Physio.

This year, invest in yourself. We will too.

Anyone can make somebody sweat. However, at Physio we pride ourselves on providing our members with a truly fun and personal experience. We incorporate a variety of both exercise type and intensity to ensure you are responding in positive way. After all, training should be fun and sustainable. At the end of each session, clients have free use of our recovery tools (i.e. Normatec compression therapy, Hyperice mobility tools, etc.) to keep you moving better and feeling great. Oh, and free Dunn Bros. Coffee after each session. Need we say more?

Join our family today. Check out our several membership options below.



  • 60 minute private training sessions
    (number of sessions dependent on member status—see below)

  • 3 month progress assessments

  • Injured? Trade private training sessions for 30 minute physical therapy appointments at NO EXTRA COST

  • 8 free Strength, Metabolic, or Function classes

  • 30 min sports massage each month

  • 2 guest passes to classes per month (must accompany member)

  • 10% discount on retail and sports massages

Membership Options:

6 Month Subscription

Silver: 4 private sessions/month $225/month+tax

Gold: 8 private sessions/month

12 Month Subscription

Silver: 4 private sessions/month $199/month+tax

Gold: 8 private sessions/month


Classes+ Membership

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About Our Classes

All of our classes are semi-private—that means it’s never more than 8-10 people per class.
Our way of investing more in you.

Physio: Strength

Our hallmark lifting class that is designed to help develop overall strength and lean muscle mass. We use a variety of lifting techniques to keep the workouts new and exciting. This class is perfect for those looking to feel capable, fit, and (of course) strong.

Physio: HIIT30 / HIIT 45

A high intensity interval workout that uses circuits and anaerobic exercises to rev-up your metabolism. You will not only burn calories during the class but continue to utilize energy after you walk out the door. This class is perfect for the individual who want to be pushed hard and get a great workout in.

Physio: Core+Low Back

Designed to build functional strength and movement patterns. We will help you build a foundation to put you on the best road toward your health and fitness goals. This class is designed to improve mobility, recover from a hard workout the day before, or just help you move efficiently.

Class Schedule Jan - March 2019


6:15 am:

7:15 am: HIIT30

12:15pm: HIIT30

6:00 pm: HIIT45

7:00 pm:


6:15 am: Core+Low Back


6:15 am: Strength

7:15 am: HIIT45

12:15pm: HIIT30

6:00 pm: Strength

7:00 pm: Metabolic30


6:15 am: Core+Low Back


6:15 am: Strength

7:15 am: Metabolic30

12:15pm: HIIT30

6:00 pm: Metabolic45

7:00 pm: Strength


10:30 am: Strength

11:30 am: HIIT30

1:00 pm: Core+Low Back