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Personal Training at Physio Performance

Anyone can make somebody sweat. We pride ourselves on providing our private training clients with a truly fun and personal experience. Each session spent with our performance specialist is uniquely tailored to your health and fitness goals. We incorporate a variety of both exercise type and intensity to ensure you are responding in positive way. After all, training should be fun! At the end of each session, clients have free use of our recovery tools (i.e. Normatec compression therapy, Hyperice mobility tools, etc.) to keep you moving better and feeling great. 

No membership fees. 
Exclusive discounts.
Join the Physio family.

Oh, and free Dunn Bros. Coffee.



We've infused our process with athletes into an experience for adults of all fitness and ability levels.  These classes are designed to maximize your overall functional capabilities in a minimal amount of time, so you don’t have to experience the burden of spending hours at a gym and missing out on time spent doing what you enjoy. These classes are always changing so you will not get tired of doing the same old routine at the gym. Better yet, we only allow a maximum of 8 people per class, so you can receive some individual attention instead of being lost in the crowd. We promise to make it fun while you crush your goals.

Starting September 5
MWF: 6:00am & 7:00am classes


After your workout, you'll get a gift card for a free cup of coffee on us from our friends at Dunn Bros. Coffee--redeemable anytime.

10 session punch cards available below:
$129 for 10 classes ($150 value)