Motocross Athlete finds renewed strength at Physio after accident

June 21 marks the 4 year anniversary of Jace Wasserburger's devastating motocross accident. We're taking some time to celebrate how far he has come in his recovery. After his accident, Jace was in critical condition and spent several months at Craig Rehab Hospital in Colorado while recovering from his TBI (traumatic brain injury). Initially he used a wheelchair for mobility & was unable to move his left side. Speech, cognition, & activities of daily living were difficult. Much progress was made, & Jace was able to transition back home and the hard work didn't stop there.

Let's fast forward 4 years. Jace, "the Woog", will be celebrating his high school graduation this year and his future is bright. His physical therapy and training now incorporates advanced vestibular rehab, neuromuscular re-education and strength training. These days Jace can be found doing serious work at the squat rack and owning the battle ropes! So here's to Jace - an inspiration to us at Physio, and a testament of what it means to be better than yesterday! Thanks for letting us share your story, Jace!

-Dr. Katie Rook, DPT