Dr. Ashley Pfeiffer, DPT

Physical Therapist
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science - BHSU

Ashley, born and raised in Rapid City, has a strong passion for improving the health and fitness of our Black Hills community as a university educator and as a physical therapist here at Physio. Her motivation stems from being a lifelong athlete and truly enjoys the challenge of quickly getting people out of pain. Dr. Pfeiffer aims to go beyond helping patients just return to a baseline, by improving all aspects of clients’ lives; sleep, nutrition, physical well-being and psychological health. Having a patient walk out of her care with these tools will always fuel Ashley to continue to learn and grow.

Dr. Pfeiffer received her undergraduate training in Exercise Science at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota and a clinical doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis where she assisted in research involving cardiovascular exercise and its effects on cognition. Ashley has extensive experience working in orthopedic & sports physical therapy clinics in the Minnesota and South Dakota area. Currently, Dr. Pfeiffer serves as an Assistant Professor in the Exercise Science program at Black Hills State University with a teaching focus on anatomy, exercise physiology, and human performance. Ashley is a Kinetacore Dry Needling Practitioner.

Outside of work, Ashley spends the rest of her time with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys staying active in the Black Hills and will continue to play “old lady” volleyball for hopefully several more years. Ashley would be honored to be your PT and help you on your journey to becoming a healthier you.